Life from Underneath

by June Body




June Body joined the small community of Halifax-based alternative rock bands in early 2017 with the release of their first album, Star for You—a stripped-down 8-track album recorded in frontman Connor James’s bedroom shortly after he moved from Toronto. Originally slated to be a solo project, the album evolved into what would become the band’s debut record with the addition of bassist Alexander Callaghan.

A year later, June Body’s sound was clearly becoming something completely different than what people had heard on Star for You. New York native Dillon Shillieto had joined the band to round out the trio on drums, and a bigger, punchier alt-rock sound was born. In early 2018, the band went into Halifax’s Echo Chamber studios to record their second release, Life from Underneath. Released in April 2018, the 6-track EP reveals a distinct sonic shift from the band’s debut that is evident within the first few seconds of the album. While retaining the catchy pop-rock qualities of the band’s debut, the new songs exhibit a much richer and somewhat darker instrumental quality, with lyrics that courageously dive into themes about the self, love, death, and depression.

After Shillieto’s departure from the band in 2018, Jonny Renken took over on drums in time for a series of Canadian tours and local shows.

Guitar, Vocals / Connor James
Bass, Vocals / Alexander Callaghan
Drums, Vocals / Jonny Renken




“How the Story Starts” places at #8 on The East’s Top 100 Best Music of 2018 list

Unafraid of talking about pain, anxiety, and being in love, this is an album that is infinitely relatable.
— Grayowl Point
June Body grab the alt-emo torch with ‘Life from Underneath’
— The East